Since 1959, "Comfort from Nature"


TRADEVCO S.A. is an active investor in diversified industries, with expertise in Real Estate but always keeping in mind our ethics and core values.


Diversified Investment

Supply of Raw Materials


TRADEVCO S.A. is active in the supply of raw material for the textile industry, especially in wool tops and acrylic to meet the evolving needs of our international clients.

Tradevcogen Tradin S.A. activity of diversified investment
Tradevcogen Trading S.A. activity of supplying raw material fo the textle industry

Why We Are Different

Since its beginning in 1959, TRADEVCO S.A. worked closely with some of the most renowned companies in the world. Our ethic and expertise helped us grow and build a strong sense of cooperation and loyalty. and loyalty.

Tradevcogen Tradin S.A. etique number one, it's a family business
Tradevcogen Tradin S.A. etique number two, its expertise
Tradevcogen Tradin S.A. etique number two, its integrity

Alone we go faster.

Together we go further.

We’ve always shared the vision of our father and grandfather for more than 60 years, passing it on from 2nd generation to 3rd generation today.

Moni Fayon

Founder 1924 - 1992

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